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Hôtellerie de plein air "Le Canada"
Pont Saint-Nicolas, 1
B-6810 Chiny-sur-Semois
GSM : + 32 495 54 32 31

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From 9/03 to 15/03/2018

Latest news

Let’s Carnival together!

This weekend, come to Florenville for the oldest Carnival of the Province ! A garden of 250 000 flowers to celebrate the comeback of spring under the sky of Gaume.

The presence of the Guggenmusik (cheery brass band) along with the flowers became essential. About twelve music bands will walk with the flowery procession.

 Program of the weekend:

Friday, 9 March: “Embardes” at 8pm – Contest of the best costume followed by a dance party

Saturday, 10 March: enthronement of Prince Carnival at 3.30pm followed by a show for kids at 4.30pm (under the tent Place Albert 1e) – dance parties in the evening

Sunday, 11 March: 68th carnival parade in the streets of the centre  of the city from 3pm

The other Carnivals of the weekend will be in La-Roche-en-Ardenne and Wellin.

Have fun!

Until 18 March

Jamoigne: Scultpure exhibition by Ange-Marie Rizzardi

At the “Bar à Goûts” – “Custom”-shop, rue Neuve 30, from Thursday till Sunday from 5 to 10pm

Information: 32(0)473 92 14 55

Until 22 March

Florenville: acrylic painting exhibition by Fanny Tondeur

At the Tourist Office of Florenville – Esplanade du Panorama,1

Every day from 9am till 5pm – Sunday from 10am till 5pm

  Artist present: Sunday from 2.30 till 5 pm

Until 31 March

Rossignol: Painting exhibition by Guy Fagny

“Centre Culturel” – avenue Camille Joset

Mon-Thu: 9am till 4pm

Fri : 9am till 12 o’clock

Information : 32(0)63 41 31 20

Friday 9 March

Saint-Léger: Run & Bike 8&14km

Registration from 6.30 till 7.30 pm

Meeting point: at the scout lodge

Forehead lamp required

Information 32(0)498 21 07 27

 Friday 9 March

Virton: night trail of 6 & 12 km

Departure at 7.45

Price: 5€

Organisation by the unit of physical education of the HERS

Information: 32(0)479 08 05 33

Saterday 10 March

Chiny: Bud’s walk

Route: 6 – 12 -22 – 30 – 42 km

Meeting point: “Maison du Village”, rue de Lorrène,6  from 7am

Price : 1€

Organisation : Les “Routheux”Information: 32(0)61 32 80 73

Saterday 10 March

Jamoigne : Concert “Alain Pire Experience”

At the « Bar à Goûts” – shop “Custom”, rue Neuve at 8pm

Price: 12€

Info’s: 32(0)473 92 14 55

Saterday 10 March

Lamorteau: Big Fire

Fire ignition from 7.30pm

Along the bike path, close to the station

Organisation event committee

Saterday 10 March

Chiny: walk for all by the « Galopins du Cœur » (participation to the Bud’s Walk)

6 km at moderate tempo –From the “Maison du Village” at 2.30pm

Price: 1€

Information: 32(0)495 29 95 44

Saterday 10 March


Lahage: Big Fire

Fire ignition from 8pm

Concert Six Touvailles followed by eighteen’s dance party

In the rue JL Orban

Sunday 11 March

Ruette: Trail of Gaume

10am: 5,1  & 10km

10:10am: 1 km for children from 7-12

From municipal school

 Sunday 11 March

Ethe: ADEPS walk5-10-15-20kmMeeting point: Hall of the “Echo du Ton”, rue Ville Basse,5 from 8am till 5pm

Organisation: Philharmonic Music band  “Echos du Ton”

Information: 32(0)496 90 55 71

Sunday 11 March

Bellefontaine: 10 km walk for all by the « Galopins du Cœur »

From the military cemetery, rue de la Bourbouleurse at 2 pminformation: 32(0)475 82 81 31

Free walk in group, without registration

 Wednesday 14 March

Stenay: Sweetmeat afternoon, Waffles, traditionnaly made beer and hot chocolate

Taverne of the Beer Museum, rue du Moulin, 17 at 3pm

Information au 33(0)329 80 68 78

Our markets

Virton: on Friday morning. / Han: indoor farmer’s market on Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. / Florenville: on the 1st Wednesday of the month – Farmers’ market on Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. / Arlon: on Thursday morning. Halanzy: on Saturday morning. / Avioth: on the 1st Sunday of the month from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. / Chassepierre: on Sunday morning from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Longwy: on Saturday morning.


Maison du Tourisme de Gaume

2B rue des Grasses Oies – B-6760 Virton

Open 7d./7 from 9a.m. to 6p.m. non-stop

Tel.: 32 63 57 89 04 – Fax: 32 63 57 71 14

More events:




More events in our Tourist Offices:

Florenville: www.florenville.org

Chiny: http://chiny-tourisme.be

Tintigny: http://www.tintigny.be

Jamoigne: www.si-jamoigne.be

Saint-Léger: http://sisaintleger.be

Torgny: www.torgny.be

Etalle: http://www.sietalle.be

Virton: www.soleildegaume.be



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